OKTOBERFEST! Munich, Germany

Wow. What a weekend. This was my first trip to a new city in Europe! Before this trip, Spain had been the only place in Europe I had been. So clearly this was an exciting time for me. Immediately off the plane I was thrown into a city with a new language (German), and a new transportation system! I have determined that those are the two most important factors to adjust to when traveling to a new country. 


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see a whole lot of Munich itself. It fact, we barely saw anything besides the streets between our hotel and the festival. The festival itself was amazing though. I have never seen so many people dressed up in lederhosen and dirndl’s. First things first, we had to buy our own. They are stupidly expensive and I’m planning on selling it when I get back home but it was worth it!




Those are the outfits that we bought and wore! It was freezing in Munich around this time (October 4th-7th), but again, it was worth it. On Friday, we got to the festival too late to get into a tent so we wandered around instead, getting familiar with it and trying some of the authentic food! It was insane how drunk everyone was. I get that it was a beerfest but I really didn’t expect to see so many belligerent people! It was quite the sight. 

Okay, so my friend Lauren Frank who I have known forever from MI is also studying abroad in Madrid this semester. We had been trying to hang out for weeks but it never worked out. Low and behold I am walking around a festival with over 600,000 people and I physically BUMP into Lauren! I didn’t even know she was going that weekend. What are the chances?!


Anyway, Friday was pretty lowkey. After checking out the festival we got some beers and walked around a park close to our hotel. One of our friends got food poisoning and all 7 of us were sharing a hotel room so that was interesting. Luckily the rest of us were okay.

Saturday was our day to go hard. We woke up at 7:00am, made it to the tent by 7:30. If you want to get into a good tent it is very important to go early and wait in line. We wanted to go to the Hofbrau tent (the tents are separated by different brands of beer). We chose this tent because we heard a lot of Americans go and it is one of the most young and rowdy tents! We met up with some other kids from LMU who are studying in Bonn, Germany and got in line for the tent. Two hours later, we were let in and RAN to a table to claim it! Once we got in we ordered steins. They were each as big as my head and cost 10 euros. It was some of the best beer I have EVER tasted in my life. However, it was extremelyyyy alcoholic. We didn’t quite realize this at first.

Let’s just say after a couple of these (2 for me, 3 for the guys), we were good to go. I remember looking at the clock and it was only 10:40 but felt like it had been all day. We were done by 12, off to the hotel to pass out because we simply could nottttt hang. 
One of the highlights for sure was watching people chug. Occasionally, someone would stand up on a table with their stein, hold it up to the crowd and then proceed to chug the entire thing. If they didn’t finish it, the crowd would boo at them and throw food! So needless to say, you didn’t stand up there unless you were confident in your chugging abilities. I had the pleasure of watching three of my friends do it. I couldn’t believe it. 
The crowd went absolutely WILD when they finished chugging. Drinking lots of beer leads to having to pee a lot. We learned after almost peeing our pants in line, to get in line 30 minutes before you will have to pee badly. It was scary witnessing how badly everyone had to pee that was in line. One girl took a leak under the sink and got thrown out by the security guards. It was quiteeee the sight. After exhausting the tent, we took a ride on the ferris wheel and enjoyed more of the food!
I bought one of the steins hoping to bring it back to the states but unfortunately it broke 😦 Overall, Oktoberfest was so much fun but also so exhausting and so drunken. I was happy to get home to Madrid and recover for the next couple days!!
^loved Auf Wiedersehen. It reminded me of my initials and then my last name!
Ta Ta for now.

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