The moment you’ve all been waiting for… okay, more like the moment I’ve been waiting for… I finally got to attend a European professional soccer game!! For those of you that don’t know, I spent lots of my days in high school waking up at 4:30am in order to watch the English Premier League or Champions League games live. I insisted they were better that way. My favorite team was always Manchester United, maybe because Christiano Ronaldo was my favorite player and he played for Man U. Although Christiano has moved on, my favorite team remains the same. Plus, he now plays for Real Madrid so I got the best of both worlds!!

We originally wanted to go to the game on James and Irwin’s birthday but it was against Atlectico Madrid which means it would be a bloody good match (as the Brits would say). That being said, the tickets were way beyond our budget. We decided instead, to attend a Wednesday night match against FC Copenhagen (a team from Denmark). We know there would be a good chance Real Madrid wins, but the tickets were cheaper and it would be all the more exciting for us!

Highlight by far: we bought FRONT row tickets. That’s right, up, close, and personal to Christiano Ronaldo himself as well as all the other players. Here are some pictures from the game!

That’s right… I took these photos from where I was sitting! My other highlight was making it on TV. I saw the camera guy filming me as I walked down the stairs to my seat and I waved and smiled. I looked away and then back and he was STILL on me! I didn’t think about the fact that I could potentially end up on TV, but low and behold I look up at the screen and there I was! Not only that, but I got back to my apartment and the doorman AND my host mom both said they saw me on TV from their homes! They said I am famous now đŸ™‚
One of the greatest experiences thus far. I would love to go again.

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