The journey begins…

Greetings from Los Angeles and welcome to my blog about MADRID! Wooooo!

As you all have probably figured out, I am going to be traveling to Madrid, Spain for the entire first semester of my Junior year. I am leaving September 1st and don’t return until December 21st. I will be a full-time student at Saint Louis University Madrid, an American Jesuit University located in the heart of downtown Madrid.


I am travelling with 30 peers from LMU, however I will be spending majority of my time with 8 or so of them who are my close friends. Together we are going to take on Europe! While in Madrid for four months, we will be living with host families who are all located rather close to our campus. It makes it convenient to attend daily classes, etc. but will require a little more travel time and effort to get into the city. All the better for immersing ourselves and experiencing the language and people though!

As a group, we hope to travel to London, Paris, Germany (for Oktoberfest), Barcelona, Ibiza, Rome, and hopefully many more amazing places! Currently we are in the process of booking our hotel and flights for Oktoberfest since it fills up very quickly.


Oktoberfest is a 16-day beer festival (sorry mom and dad) held in Munich, Germany. My group wants to go October 4th-6th because according to one guy’s German friend, it’s the best time to go. Planning the first of our European adventures is getting me really excited for the 4 month journey I am about to make!

Besides coordinating with the group about where to travel this Fall, I have been busy researching flights, and taking care of Visa requirements. Who knew the process of getting a visa would be so hard? I am also trying my best to review and learn tons of Spanish so that I am decently proficient upon my arrival! Any suggestions? 😉

I can’t believe I am leaving in a little over two months. It’s going to be an incredible experience and I can’t wait to share my adventures and photos with all of you! Definitely stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Love you all! Back to my daily intern duties!

xoxo, Adrienne